Dear Loyal Fans and Friends of Baccarat Great Learning, today I am happy to announce that The Final BGL Lesson 50 is ready for your reading and application!

What a great ten years of learning to be a player, of inspiring to great learning of baccarat and of advocating to take control and not be a gambler! We thank you for your interests to apply Baccarat Great Learning in your games and we are excited about our Finale Lesson! Be sure to check it out as it contains a special gift for you.

I am grateful for the chance to collaborate with Master Zuan Xin, Master David Sofer and their team of BGL Warriors. I am proud of the journey and achievement we have reached.

Wishing good health, wealth, love and happiness to each you. Always remember the way of Baccarat Great Learning.

Be a Player, not a Gambler.