Macau gamblers play passionately – even at baccarat, where the only decisions to make are how much to bet and what to bet on (banker, player or tie). With excruciating drama, they slowly bend each card to see its numerical value. They shout with happiness or yell in disgust before showing their cards. James Bond might have played baccarat with cool detachment, but in this city, gamblers anxiously switch their bets around, following trends or anticipating reversals.”

– Jeff Simpson of Las Vegas Sun

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Brief Macau gaming history summary.

1850s : Portuguese Government granted gaming houses licenses in Macau

1867: Fan Tan gambling houses opened in Macau

1937: Macau government monopolized casino operations

1961-62 : Macau casino monopoly opened for tender. Stanley Ho’s STDM replaced Companhia Tai Heng as the sole operator.

1970: Hotel Lisboa opened

1999 : 20th December. Macau returns to Mother China

2002: Macau Government granted 3 casino concessionaire to Galaxy, Wynn Resort & SJM, ending STDM monopoly.

2002: STDM transferred its 11 casinos to SJM

2003: Sands Corp (Las Vegas) announced plans to develop The Cotai Strip® with other companies

2003: Pharaoh’s Palace opened at The Landmark (SJM frst themed casino)

2004: 18th May. Sands Macau opened for business. A new begining for Macau gaming industry

2004: 24th June. Wynn Macau broke ground for construction

2005: Fisherman’s Wharf opened

2006 – 2009 : Stay tuned as a lot of developments are happening.

Reference: The New Macau by Jennifer Welker

Under Macau SAR’s “The Legal Framework for the Operation of Games of Fortune” and the approved rulings, there are 27 game types which are permitted to play in the casinos.

1. Baccarat

2. Baccarat “Chemin de Fer”

3. Black Jack

4. Boule

5. Craps

6. Cussec

7. Dozen Numbers

8. Fantan

9. “Zak Ngau”

10. Fish-Prawn-Crab

11. 13 Card Poker

12. Mahjong

13. Mahjong Baccarat

14. Mahjong Paikao

15. Pachinko

16. Paikao

17. Mini Paikao

18. 3 Card Poker

19. 5 Card Poker

20. Roulette

21. “Sap-I-Chi” or 12 Card Game

22. Super Pan 9

23. Taiwan Paikao

24. 3 Card Baccarat

25. Football Poker

26. Stud Poker

27. Lucky Wheel

Note: Cotai Strip is a trademark of Las Vegas Sands Corp.