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Louis XIII Macao updates

Despite Climate Change In Macau, Louis XIII VIP Palace Plans Persist.
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A view of the Cotai Strip and Macau from Hengqin and in the foreground the Louis XIII property (red building) and One Oasis condo.

Louis 13

The Parisian Macao opening soon in late 2016

Press Release

The Parisian Macao, the crowning jewel of Mr. Sheldon G. Adelson’s vision for the Cotai Strip in Macao is set to be unveiled in late 2016. The hotel and resort with over 2,900 stunning guestrooms and suites will add another dimension to Sands® Resorts Cotai Strip Macao as it brings a sense of magic, wonder and the resplendent essence of the famed “City of Light” to Macao.

The Parisian Macao, the jewel in the Sands China’s crown, is set to open in Macao in the late 2016, bringing the magic and wonder of the famed “City of Light” to Macao

The Parisian Macao, the jewel in the Sands China’s crown, is set to open in Macao in the late 2016, bringing the magic and wonder of the famed “City of Light” to Macao. Photo copyright Sands Resorts Macao

A favoured travel destination for millions of visitors every year from all over the globe, Paris is arguably the most romantic city in the world. Now, visitors to Macao will also be able to experience an authentic recreation of the most alluring and enchanting of cities when they visit The Parisian Macao.

First impressions count and visitors to the Cotai Strip will be mesmerized by the breathtaking half-scale authentic recreation of the famed Eiffel Tower that sits majestically at the hotel’s entrance. The original tower in Paris has inspired generations of writers, artists, romantics and lovers to follow their dreams; visitors to Macao will get the same inspirational sense from The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower. With observation decks offering views to mainland China, as well as unparalleled panoramic views of the Cotai Strip, the tower will have a gourmet restaurant offering a unique blend of East and West culinary traditions. The Eiffel Tower is set to be Macao’s must-see landmark.

Beyond the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful façade of The Parisian Macao, visitors will find an overwhelming sense of ‘joie de vivre’ as the French say. This “joy of living” is a classic French trait and one that will be available to all visitors when they experience The Parisian Macao.

Offering everything you have come to expect from Sands China’s resorts – and more, The Parisian Macao will have a full array of integrated facilities including over 2,900 guestrooms and suites, of which at least one-third of the rooms will have spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower itself. In addition the Shoppes at Parisian will be a retail mall like no other, and will be home to more than 150 boutiques with the latest in luxury fashion designers, couture and lifestyle brands, all set in a stunning setting reminiscent of Paris’ famed Champs Elysees. Guests and visitors alike will also be able to enjoy daily entertainment from French themed Streetmosphere characters including an eclectic mix of street artists, mimes, and buskers. To relax there will be formal gardens, fountains, hedge mazes, reflective pools, carousels, arcades and bistros, all reminiscent of being in the City of Lights.

Paris is also renowned for its exceptional food and The Parisian Macao will emulate this with an abundance of magnificent dining options for guests to choose from, including the hotel’s Pan-Asian style signature restaurant Le Chine which will be located within the Eiffel Tower itself.

The Parisian Macao will also feature exceptional meeting spaces (over 5,200 sqm), including the 3,400-sqm Parisian Ballroom, which will be a spectacular backdrop for weddings and meetings with flare. The other seven meeting spaces will be able to accommodate everything from a boardroom meeting to large-scale corporate events.

In addition, guests will also be able to enjoy a world-class spa – Le SPA’tique; kids’ club; health club with the latest gym equipment and an outdoor pool with a themed water park.

Entertainment is what Sands China Ltd does best and at The Parisian Macao, guests and visitors will be able to experience world class theatrical and entertainment shows in the purpose built Parisian Theatre which can cater for up to 1,200 guests.

The unique setting and architecture of The Parisian Macao is sure to inspire everyone who visits the resort and it’s destined to be the ideal backdrop for photographers and ‘selfies’. The romantic décor and exquisite touches will also provide the perfect inspiration for couples looking to celebrate a truly extraordinary wedding.

Another unique feature of The Parisian Macao will be linked walkways to The Venetian Macao and the Shoppes at Four Seasons allowing guests and visitors to enjoy the full Sands Resorts Cotai Strip experience.

The Parisian Macao is coming to Macao and is set to be unveiled in late 2016 and is certainly going to be tres magnifique.

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Dinner in Studio City Macao

A nice sumptuous dinner hosted by Cathy!

dinner studio city

Drinks at Ritz Carlton

Went up to the Ritz Carlton lounge for a drink after dinner. It was a rainy evening last Friday.

View from Ritz

Macau 12 years on…

12 years ago, this casino herald the New Macau era. I have lost count of how many casinos built by now (38 ?). The city was in a massive bubble ever since. However, Macau has seen almost 24 month on month revenue slumps during the past years, with many VIP rooms calling it a day. Let’s see how the China economy pan out…..
Macau 12 years

Lesson 45 Message from Zuan Xin

Dear Followers and Friends of the Baccarat Great Learning!
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This year especially, be a player, not a gambler!
This is our 45th lesson, every lesson has been a joy to transmit to you.
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Macau Studio City

Studio City Macau is Asia’s first leisure resort to integrate television and film production facilities, retail, gaming and hotels






Macau : Rise & Fall of An Empire ?

Sixteen years after its return to China, Macau is a city at the crossroads. In this South China Morning Post multimedia package, Raquel Carvalho delves into its chequered history, charts its meteoric rise and asks what the future holds.  MULTIMEDIA.SCMP.COM|BY RAQUEL CARVALHO AND ROBIN FALL

Check out the interactive write up here :


Macau Studio City opens !!!

Hollywood-themed Studio City officially opened in Macau on Tuesday.
Melco Crown’s CEO Lawrence Ho says they are focused on the mass market, with more non-gaming elements. Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert de Niro and director Michael Scorsese were also in Macau for the premier of the short film, “The Audition”.



Slot Machine 101

Fountain Works every 15 minutes

Most beginners arrive at the casino slots with a multitude of misunderstandings in mind. The main one is the way in which a slot should be chosen from the row of slot machines available. Sure, they all slots differ in terms of symbols, style and jackpot amounts, and this is what makes them attractive. Do you have affinity to the golden carp or traditional cherry, melon and BAR symbol? And so, this is usually what dictates to a beginner which machine to choose. However, this is a major mistake.

The first consideration for any slot when you start out is the type of machine you are going to use. Understanding the different types available means that you don’t make any mistaken bets such as overpriced coin limits, accidental max bets and so on. Knowing your machine is half the battle won, the rest is up to chance. You should choose your slot by type first. Then think about the flashy bits to start your gaming experience with the list of US online casinos resource here. 

First up; the progressive jackpot. This is a slot which changes its jackpot pay-out in accordance with the amount it is played. This does not affect when the pay-out occurs, but does up the amount that can be won. The progressive slot offers the big money. Every time someone plays it the jackpot amount grows. When it is won, it resets; simple. However, don’t be fooled; the progressive jackpot amount can only be won if the player has opted for the maximum possible bet. Otherwise, the player wins a set amount and the progressive jackpot continues. 

Next; the multi-spin slot. This is for hard core slot players who want fast action and are willing to play big! These slots have several reels which can be held whilst the remaining slots are spun. An auto hold function is usually used as standard, though the computerised selection can be removed easily if wanted. Bear in mind though that the auto function holds the best reels for you! The multi-spin slots have more pay-out combinations, so get your teeth around them before you start.

And finally? Multi-line slots. These are made up of, as the name states, multiple lines which can each show a winning combination. However, only the activated lines will pay so make sure you bet correctly. Sometimes there are special symbols that do not have to be on the activated pay line. These will create a bonus round or free spin, so look out for these on slots to get better value. 

Once you have decided the type of slot that would be most fun and the best for you to play, then take a look at the themes. Further explore how to play slot machine with this online resource. You can now take notice of the flashing lights and picture symbols, and safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the best possible decision.