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Lesson 40 of BGL is ready !

Firstly, wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!

I am also happy to see the publication of Lesson 40 of Baccarat Great Learning. The lesson depicts the extremely rare Unicorn Shoe which was sighted at Caesars Palace on 28th December’14. This is the shortest possible XuXu Siyou of the nine hand shoe! Click here to access Lesson 40 now.

In other news, 2014 will be the first full year decline in Macau stellar gambling revenue’s record since 2009. The main reason is due to China’s corruption crackdown and this sent gaming revenue to tumble 6 months in a row, with November earnings dropped by 20%.  It impacted to both the VIP & Mass Market segments and we expect more VIP rooms to be closed for extended holiday breaks. The outlook for 2015 will be downward trend with the gaming tax authority predict tax revenue to be similar to 2014 at $115 billion Patacas.




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Lesson 39 of BGL is ready !

Las Vegas Strip had a very big day last week! The reopening of great old Sahara as redone SLS Las Vegas. North end of Las Vegas Boulevard reborn and it is a very good modernisation effort. So here is our Lesson 39 published in honor of that. It is a big day too for baccarat the world over. Eight beautiful tables amidst cram packed casino! Click here to access the lesson now.

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The Parisan Macao and Macao Studio City are still under construction.


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Macau making its casinos a healthier place to gamble with the latest smoking ban

Macau is going to shake up the casinos on October 6th, 2014 with the latest in smoking enforcements. For the veterans it will be strange and a little uncomfortable seeing these changes where the classic days of the movie star coolly smoking at the games tableis now becoming a long lost relic, a forgotten image.Now a new paradigm is being formed outside of the casinos.

There was a partial push to remove smoking in January 2013, where 50% of the space of the casinos in Macau were to be designated as non-smoking. This did mean a lot of activity then took place where the profitable tables got moved to the smoking side of the casino, the VIP tables and rooms for the High Rollers continued to be smoking.

Macau became the biggest gambling centre in the world in 2006 and so the fear of course is that stopping smoking at the tables has an effect on the revenue that has been seen elsewhere. In the U.S. and Australia the negative effect on revenue ranged from 4% to 20%. This of course amounts to a very large cost to the gambling industry that in 2013 surpassed $45 billion, several times more than Las Vegas gambling, but if the same proportion of revenue loss happens here then this could mean between 2 to 9 billion dollars lost in GDP for Macau.

There are some reports that the casinos will be allocating smoking rooms for the VIP players though, which appears to go against the idea of banning it totally.

China itself holds a third of the total worldwide smokers and so this is going to have a wide impact, in fact 25% of the region of Macau smokes.

Macau as the most densely populated region worldwide, has a large portion, at 10.3%, of its total workforce involved in the gambling industry. The Macau Health Bureau commissioned a survey to be conducted by the University of Macau into the situation and found that now there are 55% of the 1,031 strong casino workforce who do not want to work in rooms where smoking is allowed. A noticeable 12.7% of them (131 workers) said they would do it for more money however. There was a huge proportion of 9 out of 10 of the workforce agreeing to have smoking rooms that had no gambling equipment in them, so the gambler would have to leave the tables and go to the ‘smoking room’. There was no faith in it improving the air quality inside the casino however, with only 36% believing it was possible, but 45% admitting that it really will not make much difference.

What of the old image of the classic film star, the cigar has now gone, or they must now occasionally rush to the ‘smoking room’ for a quick break. Only to be return back to the table a few moments later stinking of ash and being followed by stale clouds of cigar fumes. It appears the magic of smoking has gone and a healthier atmosphere in the casino will become normality very soon. The only place now where smoking may be allowed while gambling is at home, and by engaging in online casino gambling you can recreate the atmosphere of those classic days. Maybe more people will go outside of the casino now to enjoy their gambling, diverting away the money from the classic and into the new paradigm, the external online casinos that operate with no smoking restrictions.

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