Macau Taipa Cotai Strip

Macau : Rise & Fall of An Empire ?

Sixteen years after its return to China, Macau is a city at the crossroads. In this South China Morning Post multimedia package, Raquel Carvalho delves into its chequered history, charts its meteoric rise and asks what the future holds.  MULTIMEDIA.SCMP.COM|BY RAQUEL CARVALHO AND ROBIN FALL

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Macau Studio City opens !!!

Hollywood-themed Studio City officially opened in Macau on Tuesday.
Melco Crown’s CEO Lawrence Ho says they are focused on the mass market, with more non-gaming elements. Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert de Niro and director Michael Scorsese were also in Macau for the premier of the short film, “The Audition”.



Slot Machine 101

Fountain Works every 15 minutes

Most beginners arrive at the casino slots with a multitude of misunderstandings in mind. The main one is the way in which a slot should be chosen from the row of slot machines available. Sure, they all slots differ in terms of symbols, style and jackpot amounts, and this is what makes them attractive. Do you have affinity to the golden carp or traditional cherry, melon and BAR symbol? And so, this is usually what dictates to a beginner which machine to choose. However, this is a major mistake.

The first consideration for any slot when you start out is the type of machine you are going to use. Understanding the different types available means that you don’t make any mistaken bets such as overpriced coin limits, accidental max bets and so on. Knowing your machine is half the battle won, the rest is up to chance. You should choose your slot by type first. Then think about the flashy bits to start your gaming experience with the list of US online casinos resource here. 

First up; the progressive jackpot. This is a slot which changes its jackpot pay-out in accordance with the amount it is played. This does not affect when the pay-out occurs, but does up the amount that can be won. The progressive slot offers the big money. Every time someone plays it the jackpot amount grows. When it is won, it resets; simple. However, don’t be fooled; the progressive jackpot amount can only be won if the player has opted for the maximum possible bet. Otherwise, the player wins a set amount and the progressive jackpot continues. 

Next; the multi-spin slot. This is for hard core slot players who want fast action and are willing to play big! These slots have several reels which can be held whilst the remaining slots are spun. An auto hold function is usually used as standard, though the computerised selection can be removed easily if wanted. Bear in mind though that the auto function holds the best reels for you! The multi-spin slots have more pay-out combinations, so get your teeth around them before you start.

And finally? Multi-line slots. These are made up of, as the name states, multiple lines which can each show a winning combination. However, only the activated lines will pay so make sure you bet correctly. Sometimes there are special symbols that do not have to be on the activated pay line. These will create a bonus round or free spin, so look out for these on slots to get better value. 

Once you have decided the type of slot that would be most fun and the best for you to play, then take a look at the themes. Further explore how to play slot machine with this online resource. You can now take notice of the flashing lights and picture symbols, and safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the best possible decision.

BGL Lesson 42, 43, 44 are ready !!!


An amazing shoe for the long awaited Lesson 42 “Important News”! For disciples of Baccarat Great Learning, read what Master Zuan Xin has to say about killing the heresy of the gambler approach. There are folks which abandoned back to the gambling way and this cause much disappointment and pain to Master Zuan and David. Investing guru, Warren Buffet, also mentions something about habit: “The chain of habit is too weak to be felt, until it is too strong to be broken”. So it is not easy to choose the habit of player path, compare to the hedonist of gambling the way out for pleasure.

In a rare lesson conducted in English since many moons ago, we are happy to share with you Lesson 43 “Lin Hao”. See the magnificent 8 of Hearts featuring the brilliant Lin Hao. She is a very able follower and irresistible too. Do check it out as it presents many shoes from played from different casinos.

Now onto Lesson 44 “Zuan Xin Challenges Sheldon Adelson”. In the run up to the upcoming Global Gaming Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Master Zuan Xin has just decided to lay down the challenge to the king of the Las Vegas Nevada casinos Mr Sheldon Adelson. Zuan Xin feels that it is time for baccarat to be known at long last as a game of skill with an element of luck being that that is what baccarat actually is.

Similarly to blackjack and to mahjong both games that are each known as a game of skill with an element of luck. In a game of skill with an element of luck as opposed to a game of pure luck, a bad player who does not know how to play cannot in the long run outperform a good player who does know how to play and has absolutely no hope of holding his or her own against the casino as the horrendous player performance numbers from Macau indicate.

Online Gambling Tips

The internet has made almost everything easily accessible from the comfort of our own homes at a mouse-click away. For people who think that going out is too much of a hassle, the internet can provide options.

For those who love gambling, but who are often bothered by casino crowds, smoke filled rooms or noisy players beside them, the online environment provides an alternative venue.

However just like gambling in a casino, online gambling also offers the risk of losing money too. The similarity of losing money if not gambling wisely can never be avoided, whether online or not. Responsible gaming and moderation and the middle path is the way. Here are 10 tips to help in your navigation in the world of gambling online.

1. Make sure that its legal to gamble online where you live. Even though gambling can be done online, it doesn’t mean you can escape the law of society. In certain countries, remote gambling has been banned and websites blocked. 

2. There are lots of online casinos out there. The problem is, it is hard to know which online casinos are legit and which ones provide great service. To prevent having a bad online gambling experience, look around first and read all about the company or website. Ask advice from your friends who’ve played online before, for a recommendation on who the best online casino is. 

3. Try the games for free first. Get a feel for it for a while. There are lots of online casinos out there that make you play for free. Play for free at the various online casinos you visit. However, dont be persuaded to play at the casino that you seem to be winning for free. It just might be a rouse to make you feel that their casino is a great place to win.

4. Find a casino with great customer support. The customer support should be always there when you need them the most. They should be easy to contact and be available 24/7.

5. Check out their pay-out options. Will they charge a fee? Some online casinos will only pay up to $5,000 dollars in a week.

6. There are some casinos that give out bonuses or free online money to new players or returning players. Do remember to read the fine print on these, because there are a minimum number of bets, before you can cash out the free money.

7. Learn more how the game is played online. Online games have some variations with their rules. The rules also vary from one online casino to the other.

8. Make sure the casino you choose protects your personal data. Instead of http: only, look for https:. The “s” stands for secure line.

9. Play the games that give you the best chances to win money. Big money.

10. Be a player, not a gambler.

Opening of Galaxy Macau 2nd Phase

Yesterday heralded the grand opening of Galaxy Macau 2nd phase. The HK$43 billion site will hosts 3 hotels (Ritz Carlton, Broadway Macau) and 2 casinos (total 150 gaming tables).

More casinos coming your way:

* WYNN PALACE (est 2016)
* MGM COTAI (est 2016)
* LOUIS XIII (est 2016)
* LISBOA PALACE (est 2017)

Lesson 41 of Baccarat Great Learning is ready

Lesson 41 of Baccarat Great Learning to usher in the Year of The Goat !

In this lesson, Master Zuan Xin has thought a little different this year , something deep and profound. Baccarat players around the world had lost one hundred billions dollar last year and I hope some readers will find Lesson 41 to be beneficial and a profound awakening.

Be a player and not a gambler. Play your game with total discipline and diligence and into your everyday life too.

Together with Master Zuan Xin and Master David Sofer, we wish you “Gong Xi Fa Cai in the Year of the Goat!!!” Much health, happiness and prosperity to you!

World Baccarat Master of Macau

The “World Baccarat Master of Macau” Tournament will be held at the Galaxy Macau resort’s opulent gaming floor from July 2014 to April 2015 – a nine-month extravaganza that will establish the best of the best, once and for all. At stake is a total purse of more than HK$41 million, making this the richest competition of its kind in Macau.





Lesson 40 of BGL is ready !

Firstly, wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!

I am also happy to see the publication of Lesson 40 of Baccarat Great Learning. The lesson depicts the extremely rare Unicorn Shoe which was sighted at Caesars Palace on 28th December’14. This is the shortest possible XuXu Siyou of the nine hand shoe! Click here to access Lesson 40 now.

In other news, 2014 will be the first full year decline in Macau stellar gambling revenue’s record since 2009. The main reason is due to China’s corruption crackdown and this sent gaming revenue to tumble 6 months in a row, with November earnings dropped by 20%.  It impacted to both the VIP & Mass Market segments and we expect more VIP rooms to be closed for extended holiday breaks. The outlook for 2015 will be downward trend with the gaming tax authority predict tax revenue to be similar to 2014 at $115 billion Patacas.




Venetian 2014

Lesson 39 of BGL is ready !

Las Vegas Strip had a very big day last week! The reopening of great old Sahara as redone SLS Las Vegas. North end of Las Vegas Boulevard reborn and it is a very good modernisation effort. So here is our Lesson 39 published in honor of that. It is a big day too for baccarat the world over. Eight beautiful tables amidst cram packed casino! Click here to access the lesson now.